Meet Sophia

It's important to understand that everything in life is connected

I feel like most of us have forgotten that everything in life is connected and that our mindset, our personal believes and how we view the world has a big impact on our health. That?s something I know from my own personal experience, because I?ve had to take a healing journey myself. I?ve had cancer twice and it has a taken me lot to get to where I am today. But here I am: strong, healthy and happy.

In 1994, at the age of 17, I got diagnosed with cancer and in 2011, cancer came back in a different form. Although I am a very down to earth person, I have found my spirituality through these journeys and as crazy as it may sound, it has given me so much.

The first time it was Hodgkin Lymphoma. For a while I felt a strange lump in my neck. It turned out to be one of the tumors in a far advanced stage. The doctors gave me little chance to recover. I went through operations, I underwent lots of chemotherapy, radiation, the whole nine yards.

It was a bizarre and intense period. My peers were getting ready for their student life and enjoyed their parties without a care in the world. Not for me. I went from chemo to chemo and from radiation to radiation. Finally, after more than 2 years I was cancer free. That was a strange moment with a lot of mixed feelings.

Everything had changed now. My outlook on life, my body, my surroundings.. I found this period almost as hard as the healing process itself, something that I now see with many clients as well. I wanted to make up for lost time. So I moved to Amsterdam to study, went to many parties and moved to New York for 2 years when I finished my degree. I lived a fast city life, and I loved it.

I lived a fast city life and I loved it

Back in Amsterdam, I chose a new direction. I decided to study psychotherapy, in which I had been interested for a long time. To become a good therapist it’s important to go into therapy yourself. It?s important that you?ve worked through your own personal issues.

I also followed many courses in meditation, breathing techniques and nutrition. I became a Reiki master and learned a lot from gurus, scientists and other smart heads around the world and I started my own practice.

Life was exceptionally good. Until the early spring of 2011 when I noticed a little lump in my breast. I immediately knew: this is bad news… As I already had extensive knowledge and experience in the field of awareness, personal development and nutrition, I decided to do things differently this time.


Finding the right information

I knew there were more possibilities, but I had to find out the exact how?s and what?s

With every fiber in my being I felt that chemo wasn?t an option for me this time around. I knew there were more possibilities, but I had to find out the exact how?s and what?s. I experienced that finding the right information was hard and very complex.

Separating the wheat from the chaff took enormous amounts of time. Verify, check, check and double check. So much is offered worldwide. Not all providers of complementary therapies have the right intentions and some even offer complete nonsense. But also in regular hospitals, although doctors have the best intentions, things go wrong now and then.

For at least 2 months I traveled the world looking for information and other ways to heal. I spoke with many doctors who had a standard education but also worked complementary. Next to that I did non-stop research for months. It took so much time, energy and soooo much money! This is not OK, I thought and also: this has to change. In this period the idea for my health programs started to develop.

I realized that most people don?t have the opportunity, knowledge or financial means to walk the same path as I did. That is why I decided to be the change I so desperately wanted to see. Why shouldn?t other people benefit from the knowledge and experience I gained.


A personal treatment plan developed

I was full of inspiration for the future

All this new knowledge and experience dramatically changed the way I lived. A personal treatment plan started to develop whereby I stayed as close as possible to my awareness en listened and communicated carefully with my body. After 6 months, the tumor was half its original size. I had it checked and confirmed at several places. Amazing!

It was a huge confirmation that I had chosen the right path for myself.?I was full of inspiration for the future and at the same time I had to make one of the most difficult decisions of my life. The tumor in my breast stabilized. It didn?t get any bigger nor it got any smaller. I really took the time I needed to consciously feel what should be the right next step. After a deep personal process I decided to go for an operation. Prof. Dr. Rutgers from the Antonie van Leeuwenhoek hospital has been a great support in this.

A few years have passed since then and now I am, strong, healthy, happy and very grateful for these experiences. With my health programs I am able to support others in their healing processes. I can speak from my experience but also as a therapist. More and more living examples (and I?m one of them) show that the healing process can be improved by the right healthy lifestyle. I truly believe that we become strong and powerful when we tap into the source of our awareness.


The 5 pillars

During my search I realized that everything I did to support my healing process, could be divided into 5 areas; Awareness, Detoxification, Nutrition, Movement and Relaxation. These have become the 5 pillars that I have based my health programs?on. All complementary treatments are woven through these pillars.?Does this all mean that I?m against hospital treatments? Most certainly not!

On this website and with my programs is where you can learn everything you need to know about developing a healthy, balanced lifestyle that will increase your healing abilities, one that fits your personal situation.

I hope that my health programs will give you all the knowledge and support you need on your way to a strong, healthy and happy life.

Reset your life, recover your health!