Jobs & Internships

We are always very interested in talented people to join our team.
so take a look at the job openings and internships opportunities we have below.

But before you go on please read the following:

We frequently get emails from people who would like to join our team because trhey have gone through an intense healing process themselves. Now my team and i are always very interested in learning about someone's healing journey. So if you would like to share your story with us, please do! We truly mean this! but keep in mind that this does not automatically qualify you for one of our job openings or internships;

we say this with tons of kindness

So please, have a look and see what job openings and internship opportunities we have below and if it's a fit with your talents, experience and your loving and fun personality :). Make sure to always include a complete resume with picture and a clear motivation.

We are looking forwards to hear from you.

With love,
sophia & team


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