Who is Sophia van Sorgen?

Hello! That?s me! 🙂 I?m a therapist, nutritionist, trainer and meditation- breathing coach and this is my website. I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and I also have my practice there, where I run my coaching sessions in person or via Skype, for the clients that don?t live nearby. You can read everything about me & my journey over at my about page here and more about my coaching program here and other programs in my web shop here.



Why did you start this website?

Well, that?s a bit of a story.. You can read the longer version at my about page, but in short: when I started my practice as a therapist and trainer, I already knew a lot about healthy living. I had also recovered from cancer once. When I got diagnosed with cancer again in the early spring of 2011, I went on a personal healing journey. After recovering again, I used this experience help and guide cancer patients and other that have had a wakeup call in live and wanted to get educated in my method.

But with time I noticed that my method was beneficial for everyone experiencing something that negatively impacts their health ? like a burnout, divorce or vague health issues. So that?s why I expended my business from just coaching to a (health) blog and my other services, like webinars and online programs. I want to help as many people as I can to create a healthy lifestyle that fits them.


What is Sophia’s Method?

My method is based on my personal healing journey, combined with all the knowledge I already had. After my search for different ways of healing, I created a method based on five essential elements. Those five pillars are Awareness, Nutrition, Detoxification, Exercise and Relaxation. You can read everything about my method thought-out this website.


How can I reach you?

You can contact me at contact@sophiavansorgen.com. I would love to connect with you so please add me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest so we can get in touch! Or sigh up for our newsletter with exclusive content.


I want to change my lifestyle and live a healthier life. How do I start?

Go you! I fully support you wanting a healthy lifestyle! But I know it can be hard and overwhelming to do it on your own. At my blog you can find helpful and inspiring articles about nutrition, exercise, awareness and a lot more. Go check out the archives and read away!


I also developed a detox month. It?s a perfect start for your health journey. We take a look at your habits and routines and I teach you how to optimize your health through nutrition, exercise and the products you use. Read more about the detox month at the products page and see when the next one starts.


If you want more guidance, I also offer 1 on 1 coaching. I don?t believe in quick fixes or a one size fits all, so together we create a personal plan that will help you live the healthy life that you want. You can find more information about my method and coaching at my coaching page!