Coaching with Sophia

What all my clients have in common, is that?they want to upgrade their lifestyle

The clients that I work with today are very diverse, but they all have a lot of responsibilities: jobs, running companies, families and kids and a busy social life.?Many are juggling a lot and it takes energy and focus to keep it all going. And then something happens and you’ve got yourself a wake-up call?

Many of my clients received some sort of a wake-up call: they struggle with a burnout, lost a loved one or are recovering from an illness like cancer. Others have vague health issues, which never seem to go away. They?ve lost their energetic and vibrant selves. They realize they need to reset and recover themselves and create a healthy and long-lasting lifestyle.

Other clients are physically fine, but?what they all have in common is that?they want to upgrade their lifestyle. So they can stay strong, healthy, happy and keep bringing their A-game, in both work and family life.


What I offer

Throughout my years of experience as a therapist, nutritionist, trainer and meditation- breathing coach, I?ve learned that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all or a quick fix. My own healing process from cancer made that even more clearly to me. During the coaching program, we will take a close look at your specific situation and needs and you and I will work one on one. My method isn?t a short-term solution.

I will teach you how to optimize your health and wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional level and how to create a lifestyle that will last and fits you and will truly support you in feeling stronger, healthier and much happier.


How does it work?

The coaching program sessions are mostly done via Skype as many of my clients live abroad or outside of Amsterdam. Of course you are also more than welcome to visit my practice/office in Amsterdam. Sessions are one hour and take place on a weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly base. After your 30-minute free intake session and if you feel positive to continue, we can start the coaching program.

If you would like to know the different prices packages of the coaching program, you have questions or you would like to schedule a free 30 min intake, click the button below!