Being healthy means a couple of things for me. It’s about exercise, what you eat and feeling good. I train for marathons and ironmans, plus I have a very demanding work life. Sophia and I created a health and detox plan to really help me perform at the top of my ability. But she also coaches me on other levels, because she knows that I’m a “work hard, play hard” kind of guy. So we talk about that I need to plan more breaks. That will only help me to perform better and create better results. What I love about Sophia is that she’s always very relaxed and she really listens to you. Through Sophia I also learned about daily gratitude and how big an impact that has on your life.

How can i help you?

Body Healing Course

The Body Healing Course is designed so you can start the process of healing and to develop a trusting relationship with you body...


My Video Journal

Very recently I had to deal with a very tough situation due to the consequences of cancer. I had to make a difficult choice that ended with me having surgery.


Mentorship Program

With this Mentorship Program you and I will work intensively 1-on-1, with the combination of a comprehensive online program so you can start right away.


Sophia Zoekt Verder

Join me for the final webinar to talk about the all the episodes from my serie. Join me on Thursday Nov 15th at 20:00. The webinar will be in Dutch