When you run your own business, it feels like work is never done. Even when I’m home I’m still working and thinking about work. Sophia has taught me to take a break, let the stress go, enjoy life and to “shut the door” on work for a bit. Sophia and I talk a lot about how I handle different business situations. I have learned to take a step back and take a bit more time with difficult decisions. Sophia is a master in making very difficult situations simple and easy to understand. The advise that she gives is always spot on. Sophia is an empowering person, not only in the work that she does, but also how she lives her private life. She just goes for the things she wants to experience. Sometimes I catch myself thinking: ‘How would Sophia handle this situation?’.

How can i help you?

Body Healing Course

The Body Healing Course is designed so you can start the process of healing and to develop a trusting relationship with you body...


My Video Journal

Very recently I had to deal with a very tough situation due to the consequences of cancer. I had to make a difficult choice that ended with me having surgery.


Mentorship Program

With this Mentorship Program you and I will work intensively 1-on-1, with the combination of a comprehensive online program so you can start right away.


Sophia Zoekt Verder

Join me for the final webinar to talk about the all the episodes from my serie. Join me on Thursday Nov 15th at 20:00. The webinar will be in Dutch