Not long ago I read an inspiring article about sports and movement. I’ve already hinted several times that working out isn’t something that comes naturally with me. It takes effort and most of the time I go through some resistance before I start. But the moment that I’m actually running through the park or doing my poses in yoga class, I’m enjoying it. However, this resistance thing is slowly falling away as my motives to exercise are getting more sincere.

A few years ago I could stand in front of the mirror with a very critical eye. Every bump, wrinkle or fold was put under a magnifying glass. Whether we like it or not, we women (and men as well) have a slightly distorted view on what our body should look like. Day in, day out we are confronted with thousands of images. And many of those images portray the most beautiful, half naked girls with round, shiny butts, super flat bellies, muscular arms and firm breasts. Although we know that 99,9 % of those images are manipulated, we unconsciously save them on our inner hard drive and compare them to our own bodies. So we go to the gym, we run like crazy, we abuse fitness gear en wake up the next morning with terrible muscle aches. All for a butt like Beyoncé or a belly like Gwyneth Paltrow.

And so did I. I would start like a mad woman. 3, 4 times week I worked my ass off, literally. But I never kept it up. After a few weeks I would give up. And that was all because of the fact that my motives weren’t clear. I didn’t give me satisfaction. My main reason to exercise was that I wasn’t happy with my body. I wanted to change my body in something that wasn’t mine. And now we’re getting to the essence.

Movement is one of the five pillars of my programs. We all need to move, as our bodies are made for it. But if you exercise for all the wrong reasons, then it’s useless. Since I stopped striving for this surreal beauty image, I’ m enjoying my workouts so much more. I exercise because my body needs it; it has become part of nourishing my body instead of harshly wearing it out. Going for a run or a swim, do yoga, a brisk walk in the woods or whatever way you do your movements, it helps to clear the mind, to strengthen your body and to feel more energized. Getting in shape isn’t my main goal anymore. My main goal is my health and if that goal is getting me in shape, then that’s a great circumstance. Also, this helps me to choose ways of exercise that I truly enjoy. Loving acceptance is for me the key to a healthy mind in a healthy and energized body.

Lots of Love, Sophia

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