Welcome to our new website!

a beautiful and organic process

A new website, a new direction, new health programs and on top of that, a new name – my own! SophiavanSorgen.com is the result of a complete rebranding of the previous site, PieceofHealth.com. But why?, you might wonder.

Well, even though the change might seem like a big one at first, it actually was a very beautiful and organic process.


The main goal of Piece of Health was to guide cancer and ex-cancer patients according to the method I developed. But over the past year and a half, people with other issues came knocking as well.

we've slowly taken a new direction over time

People with burnouts for example, or those who come from a preventive point of view and want to improve their current lifestyle. But also people with vague health problems that don?t seem to go away and who want to learn how to cope with stress. People who want to live healthier and want to bring their A-game with everything they do.

My method proved to be beneficial for this wider audience as well. That’s why we’ve slowly taken a new direction over time. My method continues to be the main thread of the health programs and cancer and ex-cancer patients will always be part of the people that I support and guide. But thanks to the rebranding, we will now be able to help our new group of clients as well! We are gladly looking forward to support and guide you.

With Love,
Sophia & Team