Unplug to connect

Like Queen already taught us once, '' Too much love will kill you.''

When I say that we are ‘too’ connected, I mean, unfortunately, not connected to ourselves, our bodies and our minds. This is an area where most of us are not connected enough… But we are far too many connected with the great loves of our life .. our darling smartphones, iPads and laptops. More and more I let my smartphone at home and I consciously connect with my surroundings, nature, my friends, family, bamboo my dog or myself.

We often feel oh so lost without our ‘screens’ or when we have been without them for a bit to long. We drag them everywhere you go, they take them to bed, we cry when they are damaged and share every step we make in life. But as band the Queen already taught us once, ” Too much love will kill you.”


Ok, maybe that’s a bit drastic and dramatic … But believe it or not, there are serious indications that you Ipad, laptop and especially your smart phone is harmful to your health. This is caused by the radiation which they emit. Many studies have been done in recent years and more research is underway. Radiation has been linked to sleepless nights, loss of concentration, behavioral change among children, health issues and even cancer. There is no definitive answer to the question but all the research shows that radiation does not benefit our health.

Because there are other devices that emit radiation, such as wireless internet. But I have some very simple tips to reduce radiation from smart phones, iPads and laptops to a minimum.

1. If you need to make a phone call, please use earphones with a microphone. If you’re not when you wear use the speaker function. In this way, the phone and thus the radiation away from the head.
2. Never take your phone, iPad or laptop to bed. Place them even as far away as possible from your bed while you sleep. If you put them under your pillow or on your bedside table you are exposed for long periods to the radiation.
3. Even better, put them to flight mode or turned off when you go to sleep, in the cinema or are eating. You have your smart phone do not need.
4. Put your smart phone never in your pocket when not in use. Put him rather in a purse, backpack or anywhere else where it is not in contact with your body.
5. Check before you first call the strength of your signal. If there is a weak signal will transmit your phone more radiation that can be so damaging.

Lots of love,