Turn exercise into a habit with these 4 tips

create an exercise habit that sticks

Do you find it hard to make time in your life for regular exercise? Even though you know how important a regular workout is, it seems impossible to make it a habit. You are not alone. Here are some suggestions that make it easier to create an exercise habit that sticks.



Find something fun

There are many ways to exercise. So why should you keep on running if you no longer enjoy it? An easy way to find something fun is to think back in time: what kind of exercise have you enjoyed in the past? Maybe you were the rope skipping champion of your street, or maybe you did a free kickbox lesson at a gym as a try out. Or perhaps you liked swimming, rollerskating with a friend, or taking a stroll through the woods. It’s very likely you still enjoy these things, so why not try them again?


Exercise for the right reason

Exercise because you love it, because it gives you an amazing feeling, because you like to challenge yourself or maybe you exercise to let off some steam. Everyone exercises with a reason. This reason is your motivation to pull through, even on those days when you really don’t want to go. So think of a great, sincere motive for yourself.

Find a workout that is fun!


Start small

I will admit: creating a habit takes dedication. But even on the days that you really don’t want to work out, try to do something small. A bit of yoga before you go to bed, or taking a small walk around the block. Once you skip a workout, it gets so much harder to motivate yourself the next time so it’s best to avoid that. Try to look at building a habit as a chain: if you keep the chain unbroken for as long as possible, the habit of exercising (or any habit!) will get easier.


Reward yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Try to let go of the idea that it has to be all or nothing. Give yourself a compliment when you exercised. Write down that you’re proud that you did it yet again. Even if it didn’t go the way you hoped or wanted, or if it took an entire day to finally get yourself off the couch. Because yes, you can be proud you did it!

Lots of love,