To do: detox your bathroom products

You might have lots of toxin-filled products in there that you?re not even aware about.

A great step towards having a healthier body is to eliminate the intake of toxins through cosmetic products. The amount of toxins that we consume daily comes from the food that we eat, what we drink and the air we breathe. But what comes in contact with our skin matters too! We all clean our hands and bodies daily with all kinds of products. But did you know our skin is our biggest organ and that it absorbs what we put on it?

Why it matters

The products you use on a daily basis may contain all kinds of harmful ingredients. Most of them are made? up of teeny-tiny molecules that enter through the skin and mouth. They enter our blood stream and create a toxic build-up in our liver, kidneys and other tissues. So let?s take a closer look at all the products we use daily in our bathroom. You might have lots of toxin-filled products in there that you’re not even aware about.


1. Hair products

Keep in mind that the more products you use, the more toxins you might take in. So ask yourself, do I really need all this? What can I delete or replace in my beauty regime? Check the labels on your shampoo, conditioner and hair masks for ingredients that are toxic and harmful.

Ingredients to avoid: fragrance (synthetic), parabens (including methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl parabens), phthalates and stearalkonium chloride.

2. Soap & body wash

What about all the soaps and body wash we use? Many mainstream products use? ingredients that will not only dry out and damage your skin, they will also make you age prematurely!

Ingredients to avoid: sulfates, triclosan, disodium-EDTA, synthetic fragrances and lye to name a few.

3.? Toothpaste

Check what kind of brand are you using. The most regular brands have a bunch of harmful ingredients in their toothpastes. It’s best to choose a more natural brand to minimize the toxic intake.

Ingredients to avoid: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Hydrated Silica, Sodium Fluoride, FD&C Blue Dye.

If you can replace everything at once, that would be fantastic. But, even though it would be a great step towards a more toxic-free body and life, it might be a bit pricey. My advice is to replace every product with a toxic-free (and preferably organic) one when you’re old product is empty.

Lots of love,