Paint your nails toxic free

Regular nail polish contains many toxic chemicals.

Since I’m a bit of nail-biter, I like to take good care of my hands and nails. If I make sure my nails are filed nicely and I put on some polish, then the urge to nibble on them disappears. I have a whole range of colors to match my outfits. Unfortunately, regular nail polish contains many toxic chemicals. And primarily the ‘toxic trio’ Formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl phthalate you really need to avoid.

Formaldehyde is a chemical often used as a preservative, sterilizer and embalmer and added to polishes that are also considered as nail hardeners. But it’s also a carcinogen, linked to nasal and lung cancers. Dibutyl phthalate makes the polish more flexible and less prone to cracks and chips. It has been linked to reproductive issues and is, luckily, already banned in Europa. In the US it is still approved for use. Toluene, which helps to keep the polish smooth, has some serious effects on the nerve system, causing, nausea, headaches, dizziness and eye irritations. It has also been linked to birth defects and developing mental problems in children.

So what should you put on your nails if you, like me, love to paint them? There are some really great brands that offer high quality polish in loads of different colors without the use of chemicals. These are my 3 favorites:


Charlotte Fnug Munksgaard is the founder of this Danish nail lacquer brand. Her polish contains nutritious essential amino acids and minerals, which strengthen your nails. The style and color palette remind of the northern Scandinavian nature and on top if it all, FNUG is really long lasting, without any chipping.

The Organic Pharmacy

As a pharmacist, Margo Marrone is specialized in herbal medicine and homeopathy. While studying homeopathy she became aware of the high levels of poisonous pesticides and questionable ingredients in our food and cosmetics. That was the start of The Organic Pharmacy. She offers beauty products and cosmetics all based on natural medicine and homeopathy. The make up line is called Organic Glam and the nail polish is amazing. The range of colors seems to be endless and there are no sacrifices made when it comes to quality.

Butter London

Butter London believes in color, Rock ‘N Roll, creativity and self-expression but not in chemicals like parabens and the toxins I’ve mentioned before. The best thing about Butter London is that you don’t really need to put on a second layer. The colors are bright and daring: from deep purple to bright blue, with glitters and some beautiful, hard to find greens.

Wishing you a bright and colorful day!

Lots of Love, Sophia
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