Must Watch: Bottled Life

Water is big business

A while ago I was watching the documentary Bottled Life (2012). It made me realize again how insane our economic system is. Water is part of nature and a number one necessity of all life on earth. Every human on this planet should have free access to water. Unfortunately this is not the case. Water is big business.


Did you know that Nestle makes about 10 billion swiss francs a year by selling bottled water? The company owns more than 70 bottled water brands such as Perrier, San Pellegrino and Vitel. In order to sell water, you first need to own it. And this is the insane part. Nestle pumps up millions of cubic metres of water in the US for transportation to bottling factories. The company has a well-organised army of PR consultants, lawyers and lobbyists to suppress local opposition.

And then there’s Pakistan, where groundwater levels have fallen and the village fountain water is nothing more than a muddy, dirty pool. In these kinds of areas Nestle presents their bottled Pure Life water as an alternative. It’s the world upside down: first they take away the water from people who desperately struggle to get by every day and then they sell it back to them.


This documentary gives you all the reasons you need to never ever drink bottled water again. It’s a waste of money and one of the biggest environmental threats of our time.

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