How not to mess up your meditation + free exercise

the most common misconceptions with meditation

Meditation is easy. But it’s also easy to mess it up. There are some deeply rooted misbelieves about mediation which some of us can’t seem to get out of their heads.?And these 3 are the most common ones, plus an free exercise and some tips

I?can?t meditate because I can?t stop my thinking.
This is the most common misconception concerning meditation. Have you really ever tried to stop your thoughts? It’s impossible! You will be thinking about stopping your thoughts all the time and you’ll go nuts. Meditation is about being aware of your thinking and slowly and softly moving your mind towards more awareness and consciousness.


Exercise: While sitting quietly in your meditation posture with your eyes closed and in a calm way you breath in and out. Visualize that you look from a beautiful spot to a big river. On that river sail different boats, large and small ones. Any thought that comes you put in a boat, see how it quietly sails away. This way you can also analyze your own mind and find out what thoughts often come up and require attention. Perhaps you need to address them and or resolve something so there can be more peace in your life.

Meditation takes years of practice and I don?t have time for that. Got stuff to do.
False! Meditation has nothing to do with wandering off to mountain and sit on top of it in lotus for the next 20 years. Well, you could do that of course, but who’s going to look after your cat while your gone? Practice meditation doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all your possessions and dedicate your life to sitting still. Meditation can be used as a tool to make your life, career, relationships etc. more worthwhile.
Tip: Put your phone in airplane mode and set an alarm for 5 to 10 minutes. Sit quietly and know there is an alarm when the meditation is over.

Even 5 seconds of sitting in full lotus is torture.
Do you think that chairs were common goods when Buddha was alive? He sat on the floor his whole life. His pelvis was naturally conditioned to sitting this way without discomfort. We westerners grew up with sitting in chairs. So get a chair! Just make sure your back is straight while your meditating. Discomfort and aches only interfere with your meditation. Avoid them by making yourself comfortable.
Tip: So grab a chair, or sit out on your bed, but make sure you sit with your back straight. An uncomfortable position only distracts, make yourself comfortable so you can enjoy this time.

With Love,