How to create a healthy morning routine

you can handle whatever is ahead of you a lot better

How you start your day can affect your whole day. When you start the day feeling relaxed, take the time for your breakfast and do something useful early in the day, you can handle whatever is ahead of you a lot better.

But for a lot of people the morning I just described is far from reality. Hurrying, making sure your kids have eaten something and hurry some more to get them to school in time. Meanwhile you also have to throw together an outfit for yourself that looks half-decent (and with two matching socks, preferably), grab your bag, quickly eat a banana and whoops, you’re running late already.


Sounds familiar? Then it’s time to create a healthy morning routine! I?ve noticed how much it helps when I start the day in a relaxed way, especially when I have a lot of appointments. These things have helped me create a morning routine:

Set your priorities

First of all, think about what your ideal morning actually looks like. Are you always stressing out in the morning? Decide which things you really have to do at that moment. I’m sure that you’ll find some things that you can easily do the evening before, like picking out your outfit. And is it really that important that you check your e-mail and Instagram right after waking up, causing you to scroll for an half hour before noticing that you still have to get out of bed?

Plan ahead

When you know what your priorities are, it’s time to be realistic. If you love being in the shower for at least fifteen minutes, you probably won?t bring that back to a five-minute shower. Instead, look for a different way to cut those ten minutes. By getting out of bed a little earlier, or by already having a ready-to-go lunch in the fridge. Everything you can do in the evening saves some stress in the morning.

A morning routine can save a lot of stress


Get a great breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast is the most important part of a morning routine. If will help you jump-start your metabolism and it will give you the right nutrients (and energy!) for the rest of the day. A few tips to make eating breakfast easier:

– For a smoothie to go, place all the ingredients in the blender the night before and store it in the fridge
– Boil some eggs while you’re preparing dinner
– Make a batch of protein-packed quinoa- or chiaseed pancakes the night before and keep them in the fridge to enjoy them in the morning

Get moving

One of my number one priorities in the morning is a workout. I’ll be very honest with you, I don’t have this crazy big love for working out. So if I don’t do my workout first thing in the morning, I know I won’t do it at all. But because I know that exercise is so important to keep me healthy and happy, I make a morning workout my priority.

The trick is to find things that you like, it makes it easier to get of bed for. I like to mix it up, so I do yoga, running, cardio or I go for a quick swim. Remember, you don’t need to push yourself every day, if you’re working out on a regular basis (like 3-4 times a week) that is already pretty great. Take a moment to acknowledge yourself for that!

Clear your head

A short ten-minute meditation helps me clear my head for the day to come. For me, meditation is not about concentrating, visualization or stopping my thoughts. During my meditation I watch my breathing, I let go and listen to my awareness. If you are new to this, start simple; sit up straight in a flexible posture (so you won’t fall asleep again), be quite and watch your breathing for five minutes and see what comes up. That’s it!

Now it’s your turn
Take a look at how your mornings are now and see what you can do to improve your morning routine. If you’re living with a partner or have kids, you probably can’t control your mornings all by yourself. Have a talk with your partner and/or children and see what kind of schedule you can create as a family.

That way, you can all start the day feeling great. With a healthy morning routine, you?ll make sure that your mornings are great and relaxed. That will increase the chance of enjoying the rest of your day a lot more.

Lots of Love,