ELLE Food Column – Miso soup as a natural probiotics.

Do you take probiotics for a healthy intestinal flora?

Do you take probiotics for a healthy intestinal flora? That’s great. Sip on some miso soup (or sauerkraut from the barrel!) For an extra boost. Why do you ask? Our ELLE health expert Sophia Sorgen explains why.


Many people today use probiotics to boost their intestinal flora. Super, I say! For a properly functioning immune system it is important that your intestinal flora works nicely.

A quick explanation (this might get a bit technical): your gut flora consists of many different strains of “good bacteria” and the greater diversity of good bacteria, the better. Healthy intestinal flora has about 700 to 1000 of these good bacterial strains. These bacteria are responsible for many things in our bodies. One of the most important is a good digestion and absorption of the nutrients from our food. But they also manufacture vitamins, protect you against viruses and many more. You intestinal flora can be weakened and damaged by several things. For example by: poor diet, little variation, high sugar or medications such as antibiotics.

What can you do to support your intestinal flora with all those happy strains of bacteria? For example taking probiotics, together with fermented foods. But also adding only fermented foods in your diet is already good for your body. Because fermented foods are kind of natural probiotics, you might say. Almost every kitchen has its variant of fermented foods; our Dutch version sauerkraut from the barrel. One of the most famous of Japan’s miso soup, sometimes it has well over 160 different strains of good bacteria.

Therefore, I advise my clients – whether they are sick or not – regularly eat fermented foods. For example, a little miso soup! It is easy to prepare, tasty and you can use it as a base for many other soups.

Lots of love, Sophia

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