ELLE Food Column – Healthy Sprouts

Sprouts are the edible shoots of beans, seeds, nuts and grains.

Every so often something new will pass by: a new food hype. In recent months, you might have heard people about sprouts and all its benefits. But what are these sprouts exactly and you can grow them yourself? Our ELLE Food health expert Sophia Sorgen tells us about this new food hype.


Sprouts are the ‘shoots’ of seeds, those tinitinnie little plants you see pop out from the seeds. Sprouts are the edible shoots of beans, seeds, nuts and grains. A few times a week I eat sprouts – delicious in a fresh salad, on a sandwich or in a home-made soup.

Growing your own
You can buy them at any supermarket these days but they are also easy to grow at home. To grow sprouts at home you put them in a small container just under water on a warm, dark place. Possibly with a layer of cotton balls or paper towel. In different stores you can buy a seed tray. Spray the sprouts regularly with water during growing period . Within a few days the edible sprouts will be ready for use. Make sure you wash them before you use them in a meal and eat them when they are still short and fresh; older sprouts taste bitter and woodlike.

But why should you eat them?
In vegetable sprouts are high levels of ‘good stuff’ – it is not just a food hype. For example, there can be more than a hundred kinds of enzymes than you will find in raw fruits or vegetables. Enzymes are a certain type of proteins that serve as a catalyst for all body functions. They ensure that you get more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fats draws from the foods you eat.?In addition, there is further a lot of vitamin A, B, C and E in those little plants. Plus: germs work alkalizing (acid-lowering). Many diseases, including cancer, are linked to a too high acidity in the body.

Even more advantages
Also, the small sprouts are a source of many fibers and the nucleic acids DNA and RNA. These are needed for our cell growth and recovery. In addition, sprouts contain large amounts of antioxidants that make the free radicals in our body harmless. Free radicals are substances that are produced in the body and this damage the tissues and accelerate the aging process. Vegetable sprouts thus support digestion and also ensure that the correct acidity is reached in the body or remains. They also strengthen the immune system so the example risk of colds, flu and other diseases decreases.

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