If you notice that restless feeling, it's time for some change. Do you ever have those days when you feel a bit restless in your own home? I know I do. Your home affects your mood and productivity. So if you notice that restless feeling, it's time for some change. It's not hard! Here are four very easy things you can do today to feel happier at home.


Make your bed

Making your bed is something simple but with a lot of effect. It probably won’t take you longer than a couple of minutes, but making your bed is a habit that makes you feel happier. It motivates and inspires you when you have already accomplished something so early in the day. This will give your day a productivity boost. Also, it feels a lot better to go to sleep when your tidy bed already welcoming you, right?

Take care of small clutter

Small clutter can make you feel nervous. You don’t immediately have to go all-in with the cleaning. Try one of these simple ways:

– Set a timer for 5 minutes and tidy as much as you can in this room. Put the remote control back in its place, take the empty glasses to the kitchen, put your books and magazines back on the shelves.. you get what I mean. And when the five minutes are up, you let it go: it’s good the way it is.

– To avoid having all these small cluttering things around the room, you could also try the 60 seconds rule: everything that takes less than a minute to do, you have to do right away. So for example, when you come home from a long day, don?t just kick your shoes off in the middle of the room but take a few seconds to put them where they should be.

Get yourself some flowers!
Get yourself some flowers!

Get some flowers & plants inside

Now that everything outside is blossoming, it reminds you of the effect a bit of green has on your state of mind. Flowers and plants make you happy! I’ve written about the positive effects of flowers and plants before. They not only add a nice decorative touch to your home, but they reduce stress and boost your happiness.

Make it smell good

Scents have a massive effect on our mood. That?s why shops use scents to sell their products. Think about that lovely smell of fresh baked bread or cookies when you walk by the bakery. But also the smell of fresh linen when you go to bed after a long day can give you a great feeling. With scented candles or wax melts you can give your home the scents you really love.

Go ahead and try!

Lots of love,

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