Book review: Deliciously Ella

Ella drastically changed her diet

The English Ella started her blog Deliciously Ella for a good reason. In 2011 she suddenly became ill. She slept 16 hours a day, could barely walk and was in chronic pain. The diagnose was Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, but the medication had little effect on how she was feeling. She decided it was time to try something new.


Sugar monster no more

Ella drastically changed the way she was eating. No more meat, sugar, gluten or anything processed or with chemicals and additives ? quite a change for someone who was a “sugar monster”, as she said herself. Before, she never really ate fruit or vegetables, but was living on a diet of Ben & Jerry’s, pasta and cornflakes. To keep herself accountable she started her blog, where she still shares recipes and tips.

She now says that changing her diet was the best thing she has ever done. The constant pain stopped and her energy was increasing. After 18 months of this lifestyle, she was able to come off all medication. What an inspirational story! With the success of her blog, a cookbook was the next step.

Ella shares her plant-based, gluten and refined sugar free recipes
Ella shares her plant-based, gluten and refined sugar free recipes

What’s in the book?

In the book, Ella shares her plant-based, gluten and refined sugar free recipes. Because of her health problems it is not just a diet for Ella, but a lifestyle. She understands however that it can seem a bit daunting to eat exactly the way she does. That’s why she doesn’t expect you to eat healthy every moment of every day. What she does is stimulate you to make some changes, even if they’re small, like starting the day with a healthy smoothie.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you already know that I’m a huge fan of healthy and good food. Proper nutrition can make such a difference! Especially when you’ve been suffering from some vague health issues, the answer might be in the food you consume. Ella has a positive outlook on things and her book shows that. It’s a nice source of inspiration for a healthier lifestyle.

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