Beauty Review John Masters Organic

I believe that John Masters Organics has one of the best organic hair ranges on the market.

It’s time for another one of my beauty favorites. This time I chose to put John Masters Organics in the spotlight. I am a devout user of organic or other wise all-natural cosmetic products, as I believe these are so much healthier for your body. I believe that John Masters Organics has one of the best organic hair ranges on the market. Their products are high performing, pure and smell lovely. I’ve tried a lot of organic or all-natural hair care brands from cheap to super high end over the years, but John Masters Organics is a brand that I started to love very much.


The products of John Masters Organics are luxurious and made with organic ingredients, which are certified by ecocert, they are never tested on animals and even the packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Amazing! I discovered John Masters Organics a couple of months after I had my big surgery. My hair had started to fall out because of the stress it had gone true and it left the condition of my hair in dry, thin and overall bad state. So I decided to cut my hair long blond hair into a much shorter fun bob and focused on supporting my scalp and hair in becoming healthy, thick and strong again.


I used the ‘honey & hibiscus hair reconstructing’ shampoo and conditioner. It renews and reconstructs damaged hair and it will make your hair stronger with each time you’ll wash it. The honey and hibiscus extracts and the 8 other certified-organic extracts and plant oils will repair and deeply penetrate into the hair, it does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate and it is safe for color-treated hair. I also started using the ‘deep scalp purifying serum’; this scalp nourishing serum uses a variety of extracts and oils to treat the damaged scalp. It also to alleviate scalp irritation, it brings scalp back to its natural pH and it prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth. That was just what I needed and 6 months later my hair looked 100 times better and I have my long blond hair back and it is healthy and strong again.

Lots of love,