6 ways to recharge yourself after a busy week

Sooner than you realize it's Monday again

It can be so hard to let go of your work in your free time. Especially when you have a demanding job or a super busy family life, it’s hard to find the balance between work and life. So maybe you like to start your weekend by opening a bottle of wine, meanwhile checking your work mail and running from one social event to the other. Sooner than you realize it’s Monday again and you feel more exhausted than before your weekend even started.


Why is it so important to recharge during the weekend?

It?s hard to keep up with all the demands of your job when you’re tired. Research also says people who can disconnect from work in their free time are a lot more satisfied with their lives. That way you can handle the next week at work a lot better.

So now on to the ways you can use your weekend to refresh:



When you’re glued to your phone 24/7, it’s hard to just not send that one mail for your work. Or check if someone responded yet. And when you have opened Facebook or Instagram, the hours pass by without noticing because you just keep scrolling and scrolling. I notice from coaching my clients that they find it hard to resist the temptation of the online world, so it’s better to just turn off your laptop and unplug entirely for the weekend.


Get out and into nature

So now you?re not spending hours online, what to do with this free time? Go outside! Take a walk or ride your bike, maybe go to a lake of forest or just go to the park nearby. Being outside into nature helps to clear your head and feeling refreshed.


Take a look at your schedule?

Are all those appointments and events you’ve planned for this weekend really making you happy? If you already know something will only cost you energy instead of empowering you, see if you can cancel or reschedule. See if you’ve not been a bit too enthusiastic making plans, scheduling too many things on one day. I always tell my clients: to recharge, you need things that will give you energy, not drain you. You have the permission to take the time for yourself.

Go outside and do something creative


Get inspired

Read that inspiring book that?s been on your shelf forever, go see a great movie or watch that documentary that’s been waiting in your Netflix cue. Or really take the time for a good workout. Go for a long run instead of your regular running route or do more in the gym than just 20 minutes on the treadmill.


Be creative

Stimulate your brain by being creative. Make a recipe out of a cookbook you haven?t opened yet, draw, paint, write, scrapbook your vacation pictures.. Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Do it because it’s fun, not for the end result.


Get extra sleep

One thing that’s really important for feeling energetic again is a good night’s sleep. Go to bed earlier that you normally would, even though it feels uncool to hit the hay early on your free weekend. Try to unplug from all devices an hour before bedtime. This way your body has the time to get ready for bed too.

Hopefully this will help you to recharge. However, when you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and no longer able to relax, it’s time to change. Let me help you. Together we will get you back on track and bring back your energetic self. Take a look at my page about coaching and send me an e-mail!

Lots of love,