6 tips to create the most amazing bedroom

Some swear by calming white walls, others love to have a bit of color.

Sleeping well and getting enough rest is so important! Your bedroom should be a place where you feel at ease and totally relaxed, because that way you will improve the quality of your sleep. With these tips you will turn your bedroom into a positive and comforting part of your home. Because this place can be more than the room where you sleep, many meditate, read a book or have a place to relax after a busy day without their kids, partners or other roommates.

1. Quality linen

Don’t we all just love the feeling of really soft and comfy sheets? Make sure you have nice and soft linens of good quality, preferably organic, and in your favorite color and designs. Cotton, satin or a mix of the two are my favorite. Another little advice: wash your bed linens with organic and non-toxic washing powder.


2. Inspirational walls

Every wall in your home deserves great artwork, so don’t forget your bedroom walls! Get a collection of your most precious and funny pictures or art to hang on the walls. You will love waking up to your favorite images every day. You can also think about giving the room a fresh layer of paint. Some people swear by calming white walls, others love to have a bit more color. Just do what works for you.

3. Dimmed lights

Lighting is an important part of your bedroom. Natural sunlight is great during the day but when you want to sleep at night, dimmed light is essential. This way, your body knows it will be time to sleep soon. Replace your switch with a dimmer and make sure your bedside lamp has a nice, warm light.

4. Great scents

Scents have a proven emotional effect on us. Of course, picking the right scent for your bedroom is a matter of personal taste. Lavender, vanilla and rose however are often used in the bedroom because of their relaxing effects. Linen sprays are really great but you can also dab a little essential oil directly on your pillow. Or put a nice bar of soap on your bedside table.

5. A place to sit

If you have the space, you could consider making a (small) sitting area. Get a nice chair to create a comfy reading spot or to unwind at the end of the day. Maybe you would like to clear your head by writing a few sentences before you go to sleep. Or make it an area where you can quietly meditate. If you don’t have room for a chair, you can put some big pillows on your bed to create a place to sit.

6. Warmth and comfort

Many people have cracked a window at night and airing the bedroom during the day. That’s a good idea, good air circulation and oxygen is important. But a cold and chilly room is not really a great place to unwind. So you going to use your room often to meditate, read a book or just relax and be by yourself for a bit. Make sure you are comfortably warm, some nice scented candles that can help with that.

The most important thing is that your bedroom is a place where you feel comfortable, safe, happy and totally, utterly relaxed. Also, try to keep your new comfy bedroom as clutter free as you can. I know it’s not always easy, but it makes the room a lot more calming. If you’re still having trouble sleeping, check out these 9 tips for a better sleep too! Sweet dreams and goodnight!

Lots of love,