5 Tips for your Spring Cleaning

Clutter blocks our energy

Spring is on its way and whenever this season starts I get the spring-cleaning itch and feel like cleaning out my house and make everything nice and fresh for summer. I want to get rid of all the clutter, which has been accumulating all winter long.

Clutter keeps us from moving forward, it blocks energy, it stops our creativity and it weighs us down. The more you have in your home, car, office, hand bag or computer hard drive, the more energy it costs to get things done. An organized and clean house will put you in the right physical, emotional and spiritual mood for the new season.

Boek tip: The Life-changing magic of tidying up. By Marie Kondo


But help! Where do we start?

For this I have a few tips that will help you get this done!

1. Start with one room.
It can all be a bit overwhelming when you stand in the middle of your living room and think about all the stuff that needs to happen. But make a choice and start with one room. Start with the bedroom for example. Once you get started the rest will follow automatically.

2. Donate, Store, Garbage.
Before starting get 3 boxes ready and you label them. One for stuff you like to donate, one for stuff you don’t need in summer and can be stored and the third one is the garbage box.

3. Eliminate and clean.
Evaluate what you have and what you need, keeping in mind the 80/20 principle. This principle suggests that we only actually use about 20% of everything we own and that we don’t really need the other 80%. So decide what you no longer need or what no longer brings you pleasure, and donate it, store it or throw it away.

4. Eliminate clutter hot spots.
We all know it everywhere we can put stuff, we’ll put it. Flat surfaces, drawers, the back seat of your car and sometimes even your handbag can become repositories for all sorts of unwanted or unused items. Mail and paperwork are classic examples of the clutter that can accumulate easily to large piles. What I do to prevent things of getting out of hand is to choose my clutter spots. So for example I always put my keys in the same spot and put new mail on the table and once read, I’ll file them so choose wisely where to put stuff.

5. Create new energy.
Create new energy in your house. After getting rid of the clutter get mopping, scrubbing, dusting, vacuum cleaning and wash your windows. Rearrange your furniture. Get a new houseplant. Buy flowers. Play music and turn the volume up. Open the windows. Let the sun and fresh air in. And believe me you’ll be ready for summer to start!

Lots of love,