5 must-see TED talks about eating (and living) healthy

You can watch them for free

Do you ever watch TED talks? In these online video’s, people talk about a part of their expertise to spread the knowledge. You can watch them for free. There are thousands of TED talks right now, so I’ve selected the best video’s for you about nutrition and health. Check out the list below!



Dean Ornish – Healing through diet

I’m a big supporter of improving your overall health through nutrition. Choosing to eat healthy can help you so much. That’s what Dean Ornish talks about in this video. He also shows the consequences and results of (un)healthy food and life.


Jamie Oliver – Teach every child about food

We all know Jamie Oliver from his cookbooks and tv shows. The last couple of years however, he’s very passionate about helping people turn their unhealthy eating habits around. According to Jamie, children also suffer when their parents have an unhealthy lifestyle. That’s why he also tries to make school lunches and meals a lot healthier ? to give kids the proper fuel for the day.


Mark Bittman – What’s wrong with what we eat

Mark Bittman is also trying to change the way people think about food: less fast food, meat and prepackaged meals, more vegetables and time spend in the kitchen. In other words: eat real food. It wasn’t until the age of 19 that Mark ate spinach and broccoli, because all this time he didn’t even know his body needed vegetables. Now he writes for the New York Times about food and nutrition.


Dan Buettner – How to live to be 100+

Writer and explorer Dan Buetter studies the world’s longest-lived people. He wants to discover their secrets for a healthy and long life. In this TED talk, he shares 9 habits that are common among the eldest people in the world. That part starts around 15 minutes, but the entire video is worth watching.


Birke Baehr – What’s wrong with our food system?

Birke Baehr was only 11 years old when this TED talk was recorded! He wanted to be a NFL football player, but he decided that he wanted to be an organic farmer instead. That’s because Birke began to look into where his food came from. In this video, he talks about the dark side of the industrialized food system and making a difference by buying local and organic food.

I hope you’ll feel inspired after watching these!

Lots of love,