Hi! I'm Sophia
I’m a coach, writer, trainer, a down-to-earth country girl, meditation
and breathing coach, nuts about green juices and I survived cancer twice.
“The key to any kind of success is dedication,
you have to be willing to go for it. ”


As a coach, trainer and nutritionist I love nothing more than helping you becoming the best version of yourself.

I survived cancer twice. I believe that life is full with magic but at the same time I have my feet firmly grounded on the earth. With a deep passion and curiosity, I look at the world. How do we function as humans? What can we learn from the ‘wake-up calls’ that we get in life? What can I create for others with the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years?

The basis of my work is my own journey, that started in 1994. As a young girl of only seventeen years old I was diagnosed with lymph node cancer in an advanced stage. Looking back on that, it was the beginning of a new life, a different life. In 2011 I was diagnosed again, this time with a different type of cancer, breast cancer. But cancer is not what ‘I am’, but the two experiences have shaped my life in an intense but beautiful way. I got trained in and I did follow several courses and I got countless insights.  Many years have passed and I’m healthy and happy. These days I combine all my acquired knowledge in my work as a coach, trainer, nutritionist and meditation and breathing coach.

The combination of this all makes for unique programs.
Programs that will support you in practical ways, they give you real knowledge, guide you in your devolvement and the programs are packed with my own experiences and insights I gained over the years. Plus, a big dose of humour and fun. So, you not only find and become the best version of yourself, but you know and learn how deeply integrate it into your life.

Whatever your reason is to work on yourself. Maybe something intense has happened in your life. Or like me, you have been diagnosed with cancer or with another disease. Maybe you have a burn-out or you have a deep longing to give yourself a big reset and your life a big boost. Whatever it may be my programs will guide and support you on your way. I believe in the synergy between our body and mind. The one cannot got without the other. That is why my approach is always holistic. With me you always work simultaneously on your physical health, your mindset and creating your dreamlife.

“I believe in the synergy between our body and mind.”

I’m very driven to learn and discover more and more in life and to create and develop the best programs and content that I possibly can. That said, I also go through life with up’s and down’s just like anybody else. I’m not perfect so don’t expect me to be this super-polished-always-ultra-zen-and-mega-healthy person. Because that would not be real and I really like real.

But being real also means being clear, transparent and honest. Together with my team I work hard to create great programs, books, vlogs, blogs and many other things. With those I love to support, help and guide you. When I had cancer, I was looking and could not find the type of programs that I now create with my team. I’m proud and so very grateful that I’m now able to develop and sale those products. Next to that I offer a lot of information, blogs, vlogs, content and programs for free.

Did you read to here?
I want to thank you for that! I hope that this is the beginning of our relationship and I look forward to work with you. I love to learn more about you and thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.

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Although we spend more time than ever online, I try to live my life as much as I can offline. I love to walk with my dog Bamboe in the woods, go for a yoga class or I write new content. But if you like to follow me, you can find me on Instagram and I post regularly on Facebook and YouTube and I sent you my weekly insider-updates.

I’m so happy that we are connected and I’m excited for the future.

Lots of Love,


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