Hi! I'm Sophia

I’m a therapist, a healer, meditation and breathing teacher, reiki master, regression and reincarnation therapist and an artist. I’m also a writer (with dyslexia) a down-to-earth country girl and I have survived cancer twice.

I have learned a long time ago that there is a significant difference between being ‘cured’ and being ‘healed’. Curing for me means “eliminating all evidence of illness”. While Healing for me means “becoming whole as a holistic human being.”


I’m a multi passionate person, as long I can teach, guide or create I am a happy camper.

I am a therapist, a healer, meditation and breathing expert, an artist, reiki-master and a regression-reincarnation therapist. I am also a writer (with dyslexia) and a down-to-earth country girl and I survived cancer twice.

In 1994, like an Alice in Wonderland, I fell into a new and spiritual world. I was 17 years old and I was just diagnosed with cancer. Without really understanding it at the time, my first spiritual healer started teaching me everything he knew. Since then, I never looked back and I trained with many other gurus and (enlightened) teachers all over the world. In 2007 I opened the doors of my own practice.


In my current workspace and atelier, I work in different ways to share my gifts.

I create and develop online and offline programs and courses that are about Healing, Manifestation, Spirituality, Self-Love and Personal Development. I give webinars, create videos, podcasts and workshops. I love to write and from time to time I create art.

Many of the people I work with are going through a healing journey and are dealing with trauma, pain or have a physical ‘dis-ease’. They are disappointed in their body and they often feel unsafe within their body. Or after an intense healing process they find it hard to get their live back on track. But what my clients all have in common is that they use their difficult situation as a jump off point to become more aware, to create a more balanced life and finally go for it. Because they have a strong desire to improve their current live. None of the people I work with come to me for a ‘cure’, they come for healing, personal growth and mentorship.

“I guide and mentor people 1-on-1 with my mentorship program”

I have a huge drive to discover, create and build in this life. With a lot of love and passion I develop programs, courses, events and other content to help, guide and support others. But like everyone else, I go through life with trial and error. So don’t expect me to be this perfectly-polished-ultra-zen-green-holy-bean. Because that would not be real and I really like being the pure and real me.

To me, being real also means to be clear, honest and transparent. Together with my team we work hard to develop beautiful programs, books, web series, vlogs, events and much more to help you navigate through the difficult periods of live. When I went through difficult times myself, I have been searching for the type of programs and products that I now make with my team. I am so proud and grateful that I can develop, create and offer them for you. In addition, I also provide a lot of information, content and programs for free.

Did you read to here?

Thank you for that! You might know me because of my book Sophia that I have written about my own healing journey, or maybe you have seen my web-series ‘Sophia Zoekt Verder’ (with AD) or you have read an article about me in Glamour, ELLE, JAN, Flair, AD.

Despised the fact that we live more and more online and very visible. I personally try to be offline as much as I can. I love my daily walk in the woods with my dog Bamboe, or go for a hot yoga class or create art. But I love it if you would follow me on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook or join my private Facebook group. Next to that I sent out my weekly email update with exclusive content and you be the first to know about new programs that are coming up.

Whatever your reason might be to be here on my site. I truly hope that my work will support and transform you and I’m so grateful for you and I hope this is the beginning of our relationship. I looking forward to welcome you to one of my programs or courses.


With Love,


Ps. If you leave your email in the bottom of this page, we can stay in touch. I promise that I only sent you updates that will support and inspire you (nobody like’s boring stuff).



Body Healing Course

The Body Healing Course is designed so you can start the process of healing and to develop a trusting relationship with you body...


Mentorship Program

With this Mentorship Program you and I will work intensively 1-on-1, with the combination of a comprehensive online program so you can start right away.


My Video Journal

Very recently I had to deal with a very tough situation due to the consequences of cancer. I had to make a difficult choice that ended with me having surgery.